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The Big Brag: Wonderous Word Battle

word battle bammer

Wonderous Words:

NOUNS: sunlight, hero, beast, heart, friction
ADJECTIVES: open, ancient, ambitious, damaged, melancholy
VERBS: scatter, bleed, fade, gaze, wander
ADVERBS: mortally, dreamily, mysteriously, savagely, silently
PREPOSITIONS: between, without, outside, beyond, beneath
CONJUNCTIONS: because, once, after, unless, only if

hero, ancient, fade, mortally, without, after

beast, open, melancholy, bleed, fade, gaze
mysteriously, between, because

sunlight, hero, beast, heart, friction, open
ancient, ambitious, damaged, melancholy, scatter, bleed
fade, gaze, wander, mortally, dreamily, mysteriously
savagely, silently, between, without, outside, beyond
beneath, because, once, after, unless, only if

sunlight, hero, heart, beast, damaged, melancholy
scatter, fade, gaze, wander, savagely, silently
outside, once, after

sunlight, hero, heart, friction, ambitious, damaged
scatter, fade, wander, dreamily, savagely, between
without, beyond, beneath, because, once, after

sunlight, damaged, scatter, mysteriously, without, only if

beast, damaged, gaze, savagely, outside, only if
sunlight, ambitious, fade, dreamily, between, once

deternot's alternates

dashberlin's alternate

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You have brains in your head so...
1. Please credit the correct maker. You can find their wonderous identities right above their icon sets.
2. Please do not edit any of the icons you find in this post.
3. Comment if we've delighted your eyes, inspired your minds, or even if you think we could have done better. We'd love to hear from you (because no one is youer than Y-O-U).

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