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The Gift of Giving: Delay

To those participating in The Gift of Giving, I am waiting to hear back from several participants regarding their submissions, so there will be a slight delay in posting the results.

As a just in case, if anyone is available to be put on stand-by as a back-up gifter could you please let me know (a reply to this post would be fine). I've got my fingers crossed our last participants are just held up with their submission, however I don't want anyone to miss out!

Thanks for your patience ♥
misc. the seven lady godvias

Icon Appreciation Month - REMINDER

There will be a slight delay in voting for the Icon Appreciation Month Awards, which means you have approximately 10 HOURS to get your nominations in here. We have a fantastic amount of icon nominations thanks to some fantastic makers who took the time to nominate, but would love some more noms for the Icon Maker & Community nominations.

Participants in the IAM Battle have a little over a week to submit their icons here. If you are unable to complete your icons please let me know ASAP so I can arrange a back up gifter.