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Icon Appreciation Month Awards - Winners

Best Icon Chameleon

Best Icon Flailer

Best Icon Critiquer

Most Supportive Icon Maker

Best 'Up and Coming' Icon Maker

Best Texture Maker

Best Tutorial

Best Regular Icon Challenge Community

Best 20in20 Challenge Community

Best Other Challenge Community

Most Inspiring Challenge

Best Mod (who works alone)

Best Mod Team

Best Single Use of Color in an Icon

Best Use of Combined Colors in an Icon

Best Vibrant Icon

Best Muted Icon

Best Black and White Icon

Best Close Crop

Best Medium Crop

Best Use of Negative Space

Best Minimalistic Icon

Best Complex Icon

Best Texture Use

Best Text Use

Best Emotional Representation

Best Lighting in an Icon

Most Creative

Best Larger LJ Graphic

And a giant THANK YOU to anyone who took the time to nominate, vote or pimp this activity out!

A zip file of every icon nominated, to inspire you | Zip files of individual categories can be found in this folder*

* Note that a pamkips icon is mislabeled in the Vibrant category in the zip files, apologies for this. If there are any other mistakes, please let me know and I will note them here for reference.

As a last reminder, the Battle of Battles results will be posted in approximately 24 hours. We still have only 3 submissions, and would love to see some more. If you are interested check out the challenge post here.
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November 30 2012, 12:05:06 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  November 30 2012, 17:05:47 UTC

thanks a lot to whoever nominated me for best mod (and my icons too!) and for all the votes! ♥ ♥

such beautiful people and icons all around :3

adsfdgjhghajhdgfjk!!!! thank you so much oh my god thank you everyone who nominated and voted for me ♥
And congrats everyone! ♥
Congrats everyone!

And thanks to whoever nominated me/my icons :)
Congrats everyone!
Thank you so much for the Best Mod placing, and congrats to everyone!
Thank you so much to whoever nominated me, my tutorial, and my icons. I am so honored to have placed in Best Up and Coming. You guyss. Let me love you.

Congratulations to everyone else who was nominated and who placed too! You deserve it x100.
You deserve it, Hon! You're so freaking talented.
Thank you so much everyone *_* and a BIG congratulations to all the winners! :)
Wooo! Congratulations!
Wow, congrats to everyone who won and congrats to those nominated! Everyone is so talented!
Wow, congrats to all the winners! There were so many gorgeous icons nominated. And thank you so much for recognizing inspired20in20! ♥
omg thank you so much! <3

and congrats to everyone, this post has so much beauty in it!! :)
Congrats everyone!!!
CONGRATS TO EVERYONE!! There are some truly well deserved wins here! :)

Oh wow, a 2nd & 3rd place, I was not expecting this AT ALL :) Thank you to the people who nominated & voted, I kinda love you right now
Huge congratulations everyone, amazing winners here! And the same goes for the others in the votings of course, it was pretty painful to choose some over others when everything in the polls was so freaking perfect!! Amazing awards in every way ♥

Also I'm quite proud of having nominated so many of the winning/top 3 icons - clearly I have a great taste ;D

A big hug and thanks to everyone who nominated me or voted for me in something - I reeeaaallly didn't expect any of that so while I may not have placed, I feel like a winner alright :D
Aw, you're so gracious. =D

Psssst...I nominated one of your icons. I wish it could've placed!
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