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icon appreciation month - activity #10 - raise the roof off!

+ Welcome to Icon Appreciation Month Activity #10 - Raise the Roof Off!

+ We began the month with constructive criticism, but we are ending the month with LOVE.
+ Reply to this post with your username and a link to the community where you post your icons [add a link to your maker tag if it is a shared community].
+ Participants will reply with up to five icons you've made that they love for whatever reason.
+ Adding comments about WHY you love each icon is encouraged, although not mandatory. But really, who struggles with flailing about icons they love?
+ Seriously, spread the love. While concrit is nice and all, isn't telling someone what you love about their icons even better?
+ Feeling the praise vibe? Check out iconpraise or praisebigger to share the love!


And, if you don't want the fun to end, don't worry! In just a few short weeks, bestof_icons will start running the Best of '11 meme, based off last year's Best of '10 meme! Check out the comm for more fun details and scheduling.

PREVIOUSLY: The Official Icon Appreciation Month Icon Battle
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